Intercultural Leadership Development Initiative

ILD Initiative (Intercultural Leadership Development/Inclusive Lens Development)

Please read the attached message about ILD offerings - Dear Interested ILD Participant

The ILD initiative was launched in the spring of 2012 with over 50 UMD leaders attending a session with Dr. Mitch Hammer, co-creator of the Intercultural Development Continuum. Since that time 18 cohorts, each with 18 UMD staff, faculty and administrators have participated in a 4.5 day Intercultural Leadership Development program. The Intercultural Leadership Development Project is delivered through a cohort model (18 participants) in an off-site, workshop/retreat

To express your interest in a future ILD cohort opportunities, please sign up at HERE  

Each cohort will be created from these lists of interested and available participants in a way that facilitates a range across the campus community and demographics.  There is no charge to individuals or units for this 4.5 day program. Please seek approval from your supervisor, as required, in order to spend those work days off campus!

The ILD initiative is designed to:

  • Create awareness of the importance of identifying values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that affect academic achievement, health and well-being of culturally diverse individuals

  • Provide awareness and knowledge of “self” as foundational toward understanding and implementing intercultural/inclusive initiatives

  • Provide knowledge and understanding of the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC) and other "cultural competence" frameworks and their implications on personal, professional and organizational excellence

  • Generate informed discussion among faculty, staff and administration on the subject of inclusion and intercultural development

  • Provide resources and support for enhancing skills of faculty, staff and administration in their work with students and colleagues

  • Create an atmosphere of welcome and celebration of differences and similarities among and between administration, faculty, staff and students from all cultural communities

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