Unit Change Teams

Charge to the Unit Change Team

  1. Identify and develop “promising practices” in efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive campus climate at a unit level (unit, department, collegiate unit) or to recommend promising practices to the Campus Change Team as appropriate.
  2. In collaboration with your Unit Leadership, recommend and/or implement inclusive campus climate initiatives.
  3. Evaluate and share action priorities for each of the initiatives, review progress, evaluate reports and other indicators of program effectiveness.
  4. Report to Dean, Vice Chancellor or Director. Respond to and work with Campus Change Team and Unit.
  5. Respond to and work with Campus Change Team and Unit. 

Departments or Programs are encouraged to form a Unit Change Team to work on issues relevant to your unit. Send the names of new teams and membership list to [email protected].

Reports from the Unit Change and Campus Change Teams are found under CC Unit Change Team Reports: Strategies and Actions.


Your ideas, comments, and feedback are welcome at [email protected].

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