CCRT Process

Actions that undermine and damage a safe, respectful and diverse campus climate should be reported. Follow this link for information about making a report at UMD.  This link provides resources for members of the UMD community who have experienced a campus climate incident.

After a report has been made, referrals may be made to any member of the CCRT. Upon receiving a referral, a member of the team may request that the following steps are taken.



DIAL 9-1-1

  • The Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Dean of Students will convene the CCRT (and others as appropriate) immediately.
  • The CCRT will review and analyze the issue and either 1) delegates it to an appropriate UMD office or 2) convenes an ad hoc team based on the specifics of the incident.
  • The CCRT (or an ad hoc working group, if appropriate) will take the following steps:
    • Gather information.
    • Identify any need for further investigation.
    • Identify resources for supporting those impacted by the incident.
    • Assign responsibilities (including communications, providing resources, further investigation, if needed) and coordinate actions.
    • Communicate with the CCRT, stakeholders, and other constituents.
    • Debrief and report at the conclusion of the process.
  • The CCRT Response Protocol is also shared through this flow chart.