About the Team

The membership of the CCRT comprises a visible, high-level core (or “front-line”) team. It includes broad representation and convenes ad hoc teams as the situation demands.

Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Dean of Students, Convener

Lisa Erwin, PhD

[email protected]

(218) 726-8501

Interim Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Amy Hietapelto, PhD

[email protected]

(218) 726-7104

Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations

Sue Bosell

[email protected]

(218) 726-7101

Director, Diversity and Inclusion

Susana Pelayo Woodward

[email protected]

(218) 726-8444

Interim Director for Human Resources

Kayleigh Karppinen

[email protected]

(218) 726-7202

Chief, UMD Police

Sean Huls

[email protected]

(218) 726-8711

Director, University Marketing and Public Relations

Lynne Williams

[email protected]

(218) 726-6141