Ideas & Next Steps

As indicated in the Campus Climate Initiative History, UMD’s most recent Campus Climate Survey  results were shared with the campus community on September 13, 2016. Afterward, idea sessions were held for faculty, staff, and students and a qualitative analysis was conducted from those sessions.

Using all of this information, the Campus Climate Working group determined three areas of focus to lead our next steps in the work of Goal 2.

  • Make UMD More Diverse
  • Make UMD More Inclusive
  • Work on Anti-Bullying and Civility

We invite each unit to asses their own climate ad needs and come up with your own initiatives that align with these areas of focus. Some resources to help you in that process are listed below:

We then ask you to submit your initiative to the Campus Climate Leadership Team using the Campus Climate Initiative Development Form

Go here to find out what your UMD colleagues are doing