Action Steps

What Can I do to Improve Campus Climate?

Take the Pledge

By signing this pledge, you are improving campus climate by seeking a deeper understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion, challenging myself and others to grow, and supporting efforts to make UMD more inclusive and diverse.

Faculty & Staff


What can I do to Improve my Community?

  1. Create intentional space on a regular basis to have conversations with your friends, family, peers about ability, gender, race, sexuality and other identities and experiences.
  2. Listen to people's experiences when they decide to share. You can also listen by attending events or spaces dedicated to hearing those stories and experiences.
  3. Donate to local organizations, scholarship funds, or efforts dedicated to improving the community.
  4. Join different groups or organizations that are working to expand the impact of equity based work.
  5. Call out injustices when you see them
  6. Make your voice heard: write a letter to your representatives, attend a city council meeting, protest actions or practices that fail to effectively push our communities forward.
  7. Find out what other people are doing on campus.
  8. Find resources on UMD's Goal 2.
  9. Get inspired: see who's signed the pledge.