What Is Campus Climate?

The University of Minnesota Duluth is committed to creating a community where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. Since 2011 we have taken concrete steps to ensure that everyone impacted by decisions and practices are taken into consideration.

We seek an inclusive culture for our students, faculty and staff. That means  upholding the values of respect, inclusiveness and equity while recognizing the individual needs, abilities, and potential of all.

Creating a positive climate is an ongoing process, and we are committed to helping the campus heal from disappointing actions while at the same time not letting these setbacks overshadow all of the many accomplishments.

Advancing equity, diversity, and social justice requires persistence and long-term difficult work at all levels of our campus community. Our commitment to becoming a more inclusive campus is as strong as ever, and achievements like these let us know we are making significant progress. This is especially important because it is aligned with our strategic goal to foster equity, diversity, and social justice.

We invite you to learn more about our Campus Climate team, our initiatives and projects, our news and events, and our response to concerns.

Office of the Chancellor

Your ideas, comments and feedback are welcome at [email protected].