It's More Than That Podcast

It's More Than That: Campus Climate Podcast

“It’s More Than That” is a podcast focused on the University of Minnesota Duluth’s campus community members. Through conversations with students, faculty, and staff, we go beyond titles and first impressions to reveal the complexity of their experiences around diversity and inclusion.

Recorded in the KUMD studios on the University of Minnesota Duluth campus. Listen at iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

About the host

Hosting “It’s More Than That” is a bit of a return to Dr. Paula Pedersen’s first love. She worked at her hometown Iowa radio station during high school as “PJ the DJ,” spinning rock and roll records and was the news director at Luther College’s campus/community radio station.

While at Luther, Dr. Pedersen earned her psychology ad communication degrees before enrolling in UMD’s graduate program.

As a graduate student, Dr. Pedersen was drawn to teach– taking every opportunity to fill in for absent faculty. A temporary teaching position in the Psychology department led to a thirty-year career at UMD. In 2010, Dr. Pedersen received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Pedersen is deeply committed to addressing issues of equity and justice. As UMD’s director of education for inclusive excellence, she empowered more than 300 faculty and staff members through the Intercultural Leadership Development program.

Dr. Pedersen served as a member of the Chancellor’s Campus Climate Change Team, UMD’s Diversity Commission, GLBT Advisory Commission, and the Social Justice Action Coalition.